Tools for PCoIP Protocol Deployments

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This article provides links to tools that can be used for planning or troubleshooting Cloud Access Software, PCoIP Remote Workstation Card, Amazon Workspaces, and VMware Horizon View PCoIP deployments.


Network Bandwidth Calculator

  • Useful for network bandwidth planning
  • Once you have per-session bandwidth targets/measurements this tool helps plan for LAN uplink or WAN link bandwidth. It also includes pages for key values such as determining packet count for a particular switch/router buffer depth in milliseconds

  • BW Calculator r4


PCoIP Session Log and Statistics Viewer


Windows Performance Monitor

  • Cloud Access Software and VMware View support the user of Windows Performance Monitor
  • Useful for network bandwidth planning, performance monitoring, general virtual desktop troubleshooting
  • Extensive statistics can be viewed using Windows PerfMon or other third-party tools
  • Statistics can be saved in the Windows Performance Monitor application


Third-party SNMP Monitor Tools

  • Useful for network bandwidth planning, general virtual desktop troubleshooting
  • Use an SNMP monitoring tool that supports viewing and logging of live session bandwidth statistics for PCoIP Zero Clients or PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards. See Using SNMP with PCoIP User Guide for details on supported MIBs and to obtain the TERADICI-PCOIPv2-MIB


Log Monitoring using the PCoIP Management Console

  • Useful for general troubleshooting for PCoIP Zero Clients and/or PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards
  • Can view individual logs for PCoIP Zero Clients and/or PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards
  • Set enhanced logging in PCoIP Zero Clients and/or PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards
  • Automatically gather logs for up to 200 PCoIP devices including PCoIP Zero Clients and/or PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards. This ensures that logs are available during troubleshooting even if there is a problem with the client


Log to Syslog Server

  • PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards are capable of logging into a Syslog server
  • This can be useful for capturing logs for widespread intermittent issues
  • PCoIP Zero Client Administrators' Guide


PCoIP Zero Client - Administrative Web Interface home page

  • Useful for PCoIP Zero Client performance monitoring, general PCoIP Zero Client, or virtual desktop troubleshooting
  • The administrative web interface (AWI) has key session statistics for the live session. Simply log into the Zero Client AWI using the client IP address in a supported browser
  • Includes network bandwidth used, latency, packet loss, image quality, and frame rates delivered


PCoIP Session Planning Guide

  • Provides network configuration guidance
  • Example profiles for PCoIP sessions on WAN and performance environments
  • Capacity planning for PCoIP Sessions
  • PCoIP Session Planning Guide