PCoIP Management Console Release 2020.07 is now available

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I am very pleased to announce the release of Management Console 2020.07 offering support for pure IPv6 networks including:

  • Endpoint discovery in IPv6-only network
  • Auto configuration in IPv6-only network
  • Endpoint group Profiles in IPv6-only network
  • Support for Schedules in IPv6-only network
  • DB restore and migration from IPv4 to IPv6 environment Database restore and migration of MC from an IPv4 network to an IPv6 network

This release also includes security and stability enhancements.

Management Console 2020.07 downloads and detailed Release Notes may be accessed from here.

End of Support Notification

Teradici Product Lifecycle Policy is to support the current and one prior release (N and N-1) of each product.
With this release, Management Console 2020.01 has reached End of Support, see Management Console Product Lifecycle page.

Customers are encouraged to upgrade to Management Console 2020.07 (General Support) or 2020.04 (Technical Guidance).